Tentang participle



Terdapat dua kalimat participle:

Active participle / present participle, yaitu kata kerja (verb) yang berujung ‘-ing’


  1. Frightening (menakutkan)
  2. Interesting (menarik)
  3. Tiring (melelahkan)
  • Having + V3…, S + …   (Setelah me- / ber- )


  1. Having given prescription to the patient, the doctor told him to take the medicine regularly.
  2. Having taken a bath, I help my mom tidy up my bed room.
  • V –ing … , S + ….      (karena me- / ber- atau ketika me-/ ber)
  1. Walking along the street, he met his former girlfriend. (Walking =ketika berjalan)
  2. Working too hard for paying his tuition fee, Tom became sick. (Working= karena bekerja)
  • … V ing ….                     (Yang me- / ber-)
  1. When I come home, I saw someone trying to get on the roof. (Trying= who tried= yang mencoba)
  2. The boy standing over there is my brother. (standing= who is standing=yang berdiri)
  • Being + adj / noun … , S + …
  1. Being an outstanding student, Ardi got scholarship to studying in Australia.
  2. Being lazy, Ardy didn’t pass the final exam.

Passive Participle / past participle, yaitu kata kerja (verb) dalam bentuk ke- 3 / V3.


  1. Frightened (takut)
  2. Interested (Tertarik)
  3. Tired (lelah)
  • Having + been+ V3 … , S +…    (setelah di- / ter)
  1. Having been cooked , the food was served to the customer.
  2. Having been accepted in medical school, Ardi frequently does experiment in Laboratory.
  • V3 … , S + … (karena di- / ter- atau ketika di- / ter-)
  1. Ruined by the earthquake, the village was left. (Ruined = karena dihancurkan)
  2. Interviewed by the manager, I gave my best answer. So that I won the job.
  • …..V ing ….     (yang di- /ter-)
  1. The window broken by  hasn’t been repaired  yet.( broken =which was broken= yang dirusak)
  2. The cars imported from Europe are relatively expencive.( imported= which are imported = yang diimpor)

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